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Private Chef Service

So you feel like getting a Private Chef that cooks your fresh meals daily or specific days? Do all the shopping for meals of the day and maybe prep up some early morning breakfast the next day. Also look after your kitchen cupboards for optimise healthy food storage. Get to serve your meals on the table fresh. Pretty much like an in-house Chef.


Fiver Meal Plan 

This service is specifically designed for high performing individual who needs a well designed meals for specific week or even a month's meal. It comes with 10 meals / week ,stored in 750ML Pyrex containers . It comprises of 5 different dishes x 2 equivalent to 10 meals.  PALEO or KETO Diet.


Personal Chef Service

Basically I do all the cooking for the week which can be around 3 Big Meals including side dishes for family of 4.


**Maximum of 4 hours service including shopping for Ingredients and food prep ups. Food cost is separate.


Open for Suggestions

If you think you know a better service that I can do , Let me know  please thank you!


Private Cooking Class

Thought of having some interesting activities with friends and family? Why not do a cooking lessons at your own kitchen?


Private Catering

So you decided to invite friends for dinner or business partners at your home. Do some business proposals or something special time with friends. I can do a seat down dinner for 5 to 10 with 3 course meals!  

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