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Fiver Meal Plan

Fiver Meal Plan is designed for individuals who are very busy and yet want to stay healthy. 

No Cooking. No Shopping. It is Fresh and Ready to serve.


It has 5 Dishes of your choice. ( Paleo driven meals )

It has 10 meals in total

Plated in 10 Pyrex™ Glass Containers (1.5 liter ) Labelled and sealed.

Stored in the fridge or freezer.

Prep and Cook in your Kitchen.

Ingredients are all included in the price.

It's a personal Chef service.


Meals have  grassfed meats, organic low carb veggies ,herbs & spices and sauces. 

Service Includes :

Shopping and Ingredients.

One Off Fee for Pyrex Glass Containers.

Prep & Cook in your kitchen.

Labelled & Storage to your fridge.

Meats are grass fed . Veggies Mostly organic.

Can include sauces or condiments.


5 Dishes x 10 Meals in total (1.5liters)

Plus Pyrex Containers

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